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This is My Story

Fun Fact: I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up by the time I was 9 years old. While my peers played with dolls and toys, I was playing with paper, markers and colored pencils. My favorite activity was crafting slogans and graphics to sell imaginary products. I spent hours presenting my creative ideas in front of an audience of stuffed animals, so, at a very young age, I began testing my persuasive presentation skills to convince a very passive audience to engage!

Strengths: I have a vast range of experience in creative leadership; account development and nurturing client relationships; mentoring employees; supervising project execution; and budget management. I excel in taking big ideas to fruition and influencing executives, stakeholders, staff and vendors to buy-in to achieve team goals. My strengths lie in communication, creative development, coordination, team mentoring and leadership. I am positive, insatiably curious and thrive in challenging and fast-paced environments. I listen actively, think strategically, am skilled at prioritizing, and have a knack for being able to cut-through-the-clutter to achieve strong messaging and innovative marketing solutions.

On A Personal Note: I am dedicated and passionate about writing the next success story for you. I have the freedom and focus to work relentlessly toward a new goal and relocate and/or travel as far and as often as may be required.

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  • Creative, Marketing & Sales Strategy 100%
  • Team Leadership / Talent Mentor 100%
  • Project & Budget Management 100%
  • Persuasive Presentation Skills 100%
  • Multi-Channel Marketing 100%
  • Digital & Traditional Advertisng 100%
  • Corporate Communications & PR 100%
  • Customer Care / Service Protocol & PR 100%
  • Web Development Leadership & UX, UI Oversight 100%
  • Brand Identity & Storytelling 100%
  • Social Media Strategy & Reputation Management 100%